I wrote MindSnow as a tool to help myself come up with new ideas. I find that by watching words and phrases floating across the screen, my mind fills with new ideas.

I've decided to share the program in the hope that it will help other people to come up with new ideas too. 

It is worth keeping a pen and paper in front of you as you watch the screen, because you'll find that as the words mix together, new ideas come to mind very quickly. I'm totally serious - this is not a gimmick, it actually works ridiculously well. If you're a photographer, artist, or handicrafter, MindSnow will help you think of a daily challenge. Try out the 'computing' and 'finance' wordlists to see if you have any fresh ideas for computer programs or new thoughts towards managing your investments. Some people spend months trying to think of a name for their baby - I'd be really surprised if it took you more than 20 minutes using MindSnow.

You can also try to find creative solutions to your problems by creating a wordlist containing different aspects of your problem and possible solutions, and letting the ideas mix together on the screen. The 'life' wordlist provides you with an example. If you feel stuck, relax and watch the screen. Perhaps something will come to mind?

You can also use it to revise for exams by typing up a set of concepts relating to your course. I find this is an effective way to make use of my short term memory before an exam. You could also try looking at MindSnow every day for a week to push the ideas into your long-term memory. 

You can support language-learning by having words & translations float across the screen until you can remember them all; or by having vocabulary float across the screen until you're confident you know it all. 

The program is free to use (forever!), but it comes with no warranty whatsoever - you use it entirely at your own risk.

Please take a look at the README file for more information about licensing and redistribution if you want to share MindSnow with other people. 

Bug reporting

I think the software is quite reliable, but if you find a bug I haven't noticed, or have any other comments, please email me at the following address: