MindSnow helps you to create new ideas, solve problems and revise what you know.

It's free forever, for Windows, MacOS & Linux.

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Create Ideas, Solve Problems

MindSnow randomly generates snowstorms of words and phrases. As they overlap, your mind will generate connections between the concepts, producing new ideas and solutions to problems.
It's easy to brainstorm with MindSnow!

Built in wordlists

MindSnow's example wordlists help you solve life problems, pick a baby name, learn languages, invent new software, be creative with craftwork and photography, analyse investments, or think up ideas for stories & research papers.

Revise Your Knowledge

MindSnow lets you survey phrases and concepts in a non-linear manner. Sit back and relax, and let your brain organise your thoughts and improve your memory. It can also be fun for children who are learning languages.

Written by Graeme Bell